Cyber Exchange

Engage in discussion and gain fresh perspectives on how to tackle strategic and technical cybersecurity challenges.

The Cyber Exchange is where you get a chance to engage in discussions around the latest developments in information security, debate the most pressing issues facing the industry today and exchange ideas and expertise with analysts, vendors and end-users alike.

These in-depth presentations, panel discussions and case studies will provide you with new perspectives and approaches to apply within your business for enhanced cyber resilience and a strengthened security posture.

Why should I attend?

 Find out about the latest cybersecurity innovations so you can advise your organisation on their investments.

 Ask the experts technical questions so you can evaluate what technologies you need to improve your organisation’s security posture.

Hear real-world applications and examples of how new technologies and solutions have been implemented.

Who should attend?

With in-depth presentations, panel discussions and case studies spanning a range of topic areas, the Cyber Security Exchange is suitable for professionals at any level of expertise with an interest in the specific topic being discussed in each session.

The mix of analysts, end-users and vendors here is what leads to stimulating debate, so we encourage attendees from a number of different information security areas to attend.


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