Geek street

Test your cyber security skills

Delve into the latest security research, develop technical know-how and test your cyber security skills.

At Geek Street you can expect 45 minute in-depth talks on technical topics and the latest research changing the industry and your role in it.

But you won’t just be learning from the experts. At Geek Street, you’ll also participate in immersive, hands-on learning experiences to put your cyber skills to the test. Think hackathons and escape rooms; Geek Street is anything but your ordinary PowerPoint presentation.

Geek Street provides you with the expert insight to confidently advise your organisation on technological topics and industry updates while immersing you within these sessions in a fun and hands-on way.

Why attend?

Develop your understanding of the technical topics shaping the industry so your organisation is prepared for emerging threats.

 Immerse yourself in fun and interactive activities to test your cybersecurity skills.

 Stay on top of industry trends, technological innovations and breakthroughs with presentations from thought-leaders to align your business with the industry’s latest developments.

Who should attend?

Geek Street sessions are designed for information security professionals with an IT/technical focus including: security research, IT security, R&D, application security, security architecture and engineering practitioners. The talks are also targeted at senior technical executives including Chief Technology Officers and IT Directors.

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